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Full Wipe and OS Reload

If your computer is running slow due to corruption or viruses, or somebody has been playing with your system at home or remotely, we can fix these issues, or if you'd prefer, a full wipe and reload.

This ensures that the machine will come back to you all spic and span with it running like and sometimes better than new.

Please inquire for Prices as this depends on Data Backup etc...

Fitting Service and Consultancy

If you have bought a Product but do not have the confidence to install it, give us a call.

For a small fee we will fit the part and test it to make sure it works properly in your system.

We also offer consultancy as to which parts you system can take and a run down of any information about your system.

This includes: General Running, Fitting, Components, Peripherals, Costing, Builds and all machinery.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We rigorously clean Virus and Spyware.

Is your system is running slow? Acting erratically? Sending out emails you're not sending?

This can be attributed to Viruses, Spyware, Malware and PUPs, our services for this start at £35.

Why not pop in and take advantage of our free diagnosis?

We offer some of the best warranty in this area, we tend to look after our customers and provide the best warranty we can on our refurbished goods for your peace of mind.

Our stock generally starts with a 90 day warranty on our cheapest equipment, rising up to 5 years dependant on product.

Either in or out of warranty, we're not like others, come in to see us, we'll do our best to help.